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Garage Door Bottom Seal in Phoenix: Keep the Critters and Weather

The Phoenix metro area is beautiful and unique, but all that beauty comes at a price.  Dust, dirt, grumpy plants, the occasional overwhelming rain storm and flat out mean critters comprise a long list of things trying to get into our homes every day. Most of us take precautions around the house to keep unwanted things out like using screen doors. using a pest control service or simply cleaning out the rain gutters. One area is often over-looked and it’s the area we use the most. Our garage. A few simple steps can make a big difference in the cleanliness and safety of your garage.

All garage doors have some form of barrier at the bottom of the garage door to prevent the unwanted from getting in.

It has many names such as

  • Garage door bottom seal
  • Garage door threshold seal
  • Garage door bottom weather seal or weather-strip

Acts as a barrier

Garage door bottom seal acts as a barrier that stops leaves, dust and those scary pest’s that give us all the heebie jeebies from entering our homes.  It also helps protect custom epoxy floors from fading or getting damaged and if you have a climate controlled garage you could be losing 30% or more of your cooling if your door doesn’t seal properly. It’s amazing how many things can be solved or prevented by just keeping up on some basic garage door maintenance. Check your bottom seal twice a year to be sure it is in good shape and creates a nice seal with the garage floor. If there are gap’s it is a piece of cake for anything that comes along to slip into your garage. Get it fixed!

How to fix it.

Depending on the type of garage door changing the bottom seal is relatively simple to do just slide it out of the bottom retainer, (that’s the track that holds the bottom seal). Now clean out any debris or other undesirable character’s left behind in the bottom retainer. Next spray a form of lubricant into the holding tracks of the bottom retainer to make it easier to slide in your new bottom seal. Once you’ve got the new seal in place slide it so you have about 3 inches of extra bottom seal sticking out on both sides of the garage door and then fold the excess back into itself. The reason for this last step is garage door bottom seal is made of vinyl and the extreme heat we have here in the valley causes it to shrink over time.

Hiring a pro

Changing out the bottom seal on a garage door in most cases is straight forward and doesn’t need the trusty hands of a pro. But sometimes, as much as you hate to do it, you need to call in a professional.

Things to pay attention to

  • Damaged garage door panels or hardware. Call a pro.
  • Poisonous snakes or anything that can create an emergency room visit in the door or bottom rubber. Call a pro.
  • Wooden doors with dry rot. Call a pro.
  • Severely uneven garage floor/ concrete. Call a pro
  • If your garage door is 25 + years old the bottom rubber is most likely no longer made. Call a pro.

At Pacific Garage Door Service we are always happy to answer questions over the phone if you get in a bind.