If your answer is yes, consider a garage door tune-up. To combat extensive—and potentially expensive—repairs, we offer a 25-Point Signature Tune-Up.

Our Signature Tune-Up includes:

  • Check hardware for worn parts
  • Check springs for safety
  • Check if door is balanced…adjust, if needed
  • Check jambs to see if they are split or hardware is rubbing door
  • Check chains for welded links
  • Check top and bottom rail for splits
  • Lubricate all moving parts and springs
  • Tighten and adjust both truss rods
  • Check hinges, rollers and end bearings for wear
  • Check track for bends or misalignment
  • Tighten all necessary fasteners on door and opener.

Here’s our checklist for the opener:

  • Lubricate rail for both chain and screw drive openers
  • Tighten the chain or adjust the belt
  • Open the motor head and lubricate the worm gear
  • Check for wear and tear on gear and sprocket
  • Check opener to ensure it meets safety requirements
  • Adjust photo eyes and clean, if necessary
  • For Genie brand openers only: adjust limit switches and clean them.

The value of this tune-up is clear: by inspecting every part of your garage door and opener, you can stop a minor problem from blossoming into a major—and costly–repair.

The Value of Using Only The Best Brands

Most homeowners are flat-out shocked at how complicated their garage door is. This is why we only use the best brands like Martin® and LiftMaster®.

We sell brands and components that are Made in America. This translates into using far stronger, galvanized steel for our springs, higher quality components and stronger safety features throughout.

Every year, about Phoenix area homeowners trust us to maintain their biggest and heaviest single piece of furniture—their garage door. Keeping it well-maintained means greater safety and fewer repairs going forward. That’s why a simple tune-up today means fewer problems tomorrow.

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