Spring Cleaning your Garage – Scottsdale Garage Door Repair

Summer is on its way and if you’re anything like me you have mixed emotions about what we are in store for. On one hand spring training is here making it difficult for even the most dedicated to put in a full work week. On the other hand, it’s hard to pull off a sick day when you come back to work looking like a lobster from a ball park sunburn.  Like I said there are pros and cons.

Spring time maintenance for your garage door is probably another thing you have mixed feelings about but these couple of tips will help save you money, time and frustration.

Test your door balance- heavy doors should not feel heavy if the springs are done correctly. If the door feels light great! If it feels heavy call someone out to prevent damage to the door and or the opener.

  1. Surge Protectors for the garage door openers-When the mercury starts to rise the power grid takes a strain from ac units trying to keep up with the climbing temps which can cause small power surges. These surges can damage mother boards in garage door openers. A $10 surge protector can help protect those hard-working garage door openers.
  2. Lube your garage door and the garage door opener- This simple thing makes a big difference in how your garage door operates and significantly extends the life of all your garage door parts and hardware.
  3. Make sure your garage door seals- with higher temps comes bigger critters change out bad bottom seal to keep these unwanted visitors out!

Taking a few moments to prepare for summer now can make your summer run so much smoother. Just like remembering that sun screen for that hooky day at the ball park.