Spring Time Maintenance | Get Your Garage Door Running Smooth

Spring is here! The weather is perfect, birds are singing and the Arizona D- Backs show some promise. Life is good.

Then out of the blue your garage door starts mimicking the sounds of an angry wildebeest.  Now you can’t hear the birds anymore and the magic is gone.

Ok that was probably a bit dramatic. But a noisy garage door can be annoying. Luckily a couple of quick DYI tips can get your peace and quiet back in just a few minutes.

#1 Use a silicon spray lubricant to apply to all the hinges, wheels and garage door springs. Silicon spray is sold at all hardware stores. $10 for a can that will last 2 years.

#2 Use a lithium grease to lube the garage door opener rail. For belt drive and chain drive garage openers apply grease to a paper towel and run a light coating down the length of the rail. Screw drive garage door openers put the tip of the grease tube right up to the screw in the rail and run a thin bead of grease the length of the rail.

Important note- DO NOT over lubricate. In the summer when it gets hot in Arizona too much grease can result in dripping. It can make a big mess. If you think it’s too thick simply use a clean paper towel and wipe it off.

Now all should be right in the world again. If your garage door is still making animal noises schedule your favorite Scottsdale garage door repair company to weigh in on it. Properly functioning garage doors should not scare the neighbors, On behalf of everyone here at Pacific Garage Door Repair Scottsdale Arizona have a safe and happy Spring Time!